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The Domaine André REGIN is located on the wine route, in the northern part of the Alsatian vineyards, in the charming village of Wolxheim.  The vines are everywhere on the slopes of the surrounding hills.

Our vineyard covers more than 18 acres, a mosaic of 40 plots located mainly in the village of Wolxheim, some lying on the neighboring towns of Avolsheim and Molsheim.

With great respect for what the earth gives us every year, we grow our vines with passion in a thoughtful manner, by limiting the use of pesticides.  Daily work on our plots, done with care and passion, allows us to shape them and enable them to produce their best.  Rather than a total weeding of our vines, we favor plowing and partial grassing.  These techniques require the vines to dig their roots more deeply into the soil and thus best express the complexity of the vineyard soils, resulting in the noblest production possible.

Protected by the Vosges, our estate enjoys lots of sunshine with limited rainfall.  The diversity of soils and sub-soils (marl, limestone, gypsum, clay, sandstone ...) is uncovered and interpreted in the wine.  Leaning against the foothills of the Vosges, the vineyard finds all the features favorable to an exceptional development.  This natural environment serves as a superb setting to present its jewels: high quality grapes.

The harvest of our grapes, once ripe, lasts more than a month.  It is organized according to a timetable in order to find the best balance in sugar content, which will not only give it its alcohol content but also its aromatic potential.  This harvesting period also allows the picking, at optimum ripeness, of each grape variety and each plot.  For a greater respect in the integrity of our grapes, we decided to form an in-house team of pickers, whose core has remained the same over the years.  They’ve acquired skills and expertise that benefit of our wines.

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