AOC Alsace « Horn de Wolxheim »

This location named “Horn de Wolxheim” rises above that of the “Grand Cru de Wolxheim”.  The rock of the Horn, like a horn of plenty, pours its wealth on the gentle slopes of the surrounding hillsides.  For many years this noble land, where the Pinot wines grow, has been the object of coveting.  On the hillside, with a South and South-East exposure, the Jurassic soils are composed of marl and limestone rocks, fertilized by loess.  This set of circumstances allows this region to produce high quality grapes.

The Domaine André REGIN chose to implement the Black Pinot on the plateaus of the Horn.  Almost all of our Pinot Noirs ripen there thanks to its advantageous orientation and also to the light foehn.  This small wind dries the grapes quickly after rain showers and prevents mildew.   The latter fact is even more important knowing that the Black Pinot is prone to develop Botrytis easily.

The wines from this terroir

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