AOC Alsace Grand Cru « Altenberg de Wolxheim »

The “Grands Crus”, in exceptional locations, have been strictly delimited in fragmented areas.  These plots are subject to the strictest rules of production of the vineyard. These rules allow to work towards an ambitious and qualitative viticulture.

The Grand Cru "Altenberg de Wolxheim" is at the heart of the vineyard.  The orientation of its 70 acres, South, South-West, gives it an ideal and very dry climate (mésoclimat) with an altitude of 200 to 250 m.  Its sub-soils of Jurassic age consist of silt and limestone.  In this amphitheater of clay and limestone soil, Riesling has a real opportunity to express itself fully.

The Domaine André REGIN works hard on its Riesling Grand Cru in order to offer a quality wine suitable to both collectors and gastronomy enthusiasts.  The Grand Cru reveals a powerful and harmonious body, with clean and rich flavors, thanks to this distinctive terroir.

The wines from this terroir